Thursday, 14 January 2016

Short list: main blogs

There are MANY more; these are the most frequently accessed - see the longer post below for more links and descriptions.

Media Student Blogs - Links to student blogs/playlists of film/video productions.
2019 ASA2; GCSE (vlog/partial website)                      2018: AS; A2; GCSE (music vids)
2017: A2 (playlist);  AS (playlist);  Yr11 music video (playlist); 
2016: A2 (playlist);  AS (playlist) (all StG idents);  Yr11 websites;

GCSE Media

AS blogs:
AS Coursework Openings 

British Cinema 

AS Media 

A2 blogs:
Music Videos

Media Regulation

'ProdEval' - theory and analysing coursework in A2 exam

A2 Media

IGSMediaStudies YouTube channel 
I've created a lot of themed playlists (you can also use the search tool)...
AS: StGs student film openings: 
2019;   2018;    2017    2016; (idents only);    IGS: 2015;    2014;    2013;    2012;    2011;    2010;    2009;  student idents;            trailers for AS productions;          Vodcasts on AS coursework (Film Openings);             Working Title trailers etc;                  Warp Films trailers etc;                 Film Distribution;                 British Cinema 
A2:  Music video promo package:
ALL final cuts (IGS+StG);   ALL practice exercises (IGS+StG); 
StGs: 2018; 20172016; 
IGS:  2016 rough cuts2011;  2012;  2013;  2014;   2015 AS+A2;   [2009 videos/films;   2010 film trailers;   2010 short films;]    A2 pitches;                 Vodcasts on A2 coursework;                     Latymer school final cuts;                    MVid representations;                  videos I've blogged on;         pitches;              famous directors;                  Depeche Mode videos;                The Pixies videos;                 videos about relationships;                 proto-promos;                    videos set in schools;                    feminist v post-feminist videos;                 animated videos;                  heavy metal docs;               MEDIA REGULATION:   Hackgate. 
GCSE:  Y11 Music Video: 2018;   2017;      Teaser trailers;      Sci-Fi conventions;      Kids advertising 

Non-Media blogs: